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Weighing Your Gold  //  Gold Price by Weight

Weighing Your Gold

Determining the Value of Your Gold by Weight

The value of a piece of gold jewelry is determined in part by its artistic value. Some gold jewelry may not be particularly bulky, but may have high artistic value if it is made by a sought-after artisan. That said, some gold jewelry may be old, bulky, out of style, having particularly low artistic value, but be worth significantly more for its metal content. In these instances, the value of your gold will be determined by its karat value and its weight.

Calculating the Worth of Gold by Weight

To determine the metal value of your gold jewelry, you’ll need to know two things. First, you’ll need to know the purity — or karat value — of the gold. Jewelry with a higher karat value (i.e. gold content) is worth more than gold with a low karat value, though all solid gold is worth something. To find out the purity of your gold, check out our blog post “Determining the Purity of Your Gold.” Once you’ve figured out the purity of your gold, you’ll want to find out how much it weighs, so that you can calculate its total value.

How is Gold Weighed? How Can I Weigh Mine?

Gold is weighed using either grams, ounces or troy ounces. It’s important to understand the relative values of these measurements to know whether or not you’re being paid a fair price for your gold. At times, gold buyers have been known to advertise prices based on weight in troy ounces, dimeweight or pennyweight because they appear higher, but when you do the math you may find the rate is actual sub-standard.

To weigh your gold in Tucson, you can use a postal scale, or a home food scale, and then do some simple math to find out its weight in either grams, ounces or troy ounces. A normal (non-jeweler) scale will show you the weight in regular ounces. This is roughly 28 grams. Gold is often weighed in Troy ounces which contain 31 grams. This is important to note, because when you decide to sell some of your jewelry, this can mean a large difference between what you are planning to get, and what they will calculate.

Useful Weight Conversions

The following are the relative values of ounces, grams and troy ounces. Pay special attention to the relative weight of these units, and calculate all rates out to the same unit of measurement when you’re comparing gold buyers. One rate may seem high, but actually be lower if the measurement isn’t the same!

  • 1 gram = 0.0352739619 ounces
  • 1 gram = 0.0321507466 troy ounce
  • 1 ounce = 0.911458333 troy ounce
  • 1 ounce = 18.2291667 pennyweight

Calculating the Total Value of Your Gold

Once you’ve figured out the karat value of your gold, and have an accurate measurement of its weight, you can check out the current price (per gram or ounce) we’re paying for that purity of gold. If you want to get an idea of what your gold is worth in Tucson, AZ, enter its weight into our Tucson gold price calculator, and you’ll be given an estimate of its total value.

Sell Your Gold in Tucson, AZ

If you’re interested in selling your gold in Tucson, AZ, we’re a local Tucson gold buyer and would like to have the opportunity to make a competitive offer for your gold in Tucson, AZ.

  1. Zachary Saber02-16-16

    I inherited a gold piece of military jewelry. It appraised at $1500 but doesnt say what that value is based on. I’d like to cash it out.

  2. Amy H.11-20-17

    What would be your buying price for krugerrands be (I believe 1970’s….will have to double check). I have 10 of them

  3. Mia Evans08-09-23

    It really helped when you said that we need to know the purity or current value of the gold as well as what is the weight of the item to calculate its total value. These pieces of information would be a huge help for my sister because she plans to sell scrap gold from her stash to get extra money this August. She has a lot of bills to pay which makes it hard for her to save up for her future. So she wanted to clear all her debts as soon as possible in order to start saving now that she is getting older.

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