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Hidden Treasure in the Bottom of Your Drawer

13 Jul Posted by in Uncategorized | Comments
Hidden Treasure in the Bottom of Your Drawer

Cash for Silver & Gold in Tucson, AZ

Today gold is higher than it has ever been. It wasn’t long ago when you could buy a nice bracelet for a hundred dollars, but now, $100 might not get you that tinny gold band that you wouldn’t have thought about before. That’s bad news if you are looking to buy something special for that special someone, but when you are looking to sell, the news couldn’t be better. You can get cash for gold and cash for silver in Tucson, AZ.

That old earring that you can’t find the match for, that clasp that fell of a necklace, that gold earring back that you found in the bottom of your drawer that you have no idea where it came from? These things which before you wouldn’t think twice about could now get you enough for a nice dinner out, or even make your car or mortgage payment. It may surprise you how little a gram really is, and how much you can get for it.

Turning your old Jewelry into Cash in Tucson

Once you have collected all these odds and ends from the cracks and crevices of your jewelry box and anywhere else things may turn up, you need to find a place to take them where you know you will get the most money you can. That is where we come in.

Tucson Silver and Gold is built on one idea: giving you the most for your gold and silver. We don’t have an expensive storefront, we don’t do expensive (and let’s face it, bad) TV commercials, and we don’t cut your rates so we can pay for fancy leather sofas in our waiting room. Instead, we keep it simple, and offer the highest prices for your gold and silver we possibly can.

Get a Free Evaluation

Have you already found some old gold necklaces in the bottom of your drawer, or a set of silver flatware collecting dust in the garage? Would you like a no-obligation, free evaluation of your items by a local Tucson silver and gold buyer to know what they are and what the gold and silver is worth? If so, contact Tucson Gold and Silver for a free evaluation.

And as always, we post our gold and silver rates for the world to see, if you’d like to know what we pay for gold or silver by ounce or gram.

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