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Choosing the Right Gold or Silver Buyer

Choosing the Right Gold or Silver Buyer

How do I choose the right Tucson silver buyer or gold buyer? and how do I know when to leave?

Gold and silver buyers are on every corner in Tucson these days. It probably won’t be long before Olive Garden is buying gold and silver. With so many choices, it can be difficult to know which Tucson gold buyer or Tucson silver buyer is right for you. Here are some points to consider when you’re thinking about selling your gold jewelry or silver pieces.

1. Are they local?

There are numerous local Tucson gold and silver buyers as well as online gold and silver buyers. Some people feel comfortable mailing their possessions to online companies for assessments, and indeed some of the online companies probably do a good job of protecting and evaluating your items, but many people prefer to find a local dealer. The advantages of working with a local gold buyer is the ability to get an immediate offer while maintaining possession of your valuables, as well as receiving an immediate cash payment should you choose to sell. No shipping hassles, worries or delays.

2. Do they advertise their prices?

Most reputable Tucson gold buyers will tell you the rates they are paying for gold and silver. If a business won’t tell you their rates, it’s typically not an indicator that they’re offering the highest rates. Typically, the opposite is true.

How can you know what you are going to get paid, if it’s a good offer, and if it’s really the best they will do if they won’t tell you the prices they pay before you hand them your pieces? Also, if their prices are secret, how can you know that they aren’t just giving you a low offer to see if you will take it? Many places buy gold like gyms sell memberships, “if you sell it now we will give you 30% more in cash” or “If you sell now, we will give you an extra 50% on top of our already high offer”. These phrases and those like them should make you run.

An advertised price shows you that what they pay is what they pay, there are no games, no gimmicks, and no cheating you because you don’t know what your pieces are worth. Look for a Tucson gold buyer who will openly share the current rates they are paying for gold and silver, and explain the measurements to you. Do note that gold prices are market-based and do fluctuate on a daily basis, so variations in price from day-to-day is normal.

4. Do they weigh your gold and silver in measurements you understand?

Some companies weigh out your valuables in dime weights or penny weights. Although common in the jewelry world, it is not common to the rest of us. You have to wonder then why they give you the offer in such a strange measurement. At times, the answer is so that if you try to compare it to other prices you have seen, you won’t be able. If this happens to you, this should raise a red flag. Your gold buyer should clearly explain their rates to you, explain what measurements they use and what they mean, and encourage you to take time to make your decision.

5. Do they evaluate your items in front of you?

A gold buyer should always evaluate your items in front of you. If they insist on taking your things “to the back” to weigh them, it is time to leave. If you can’t see the process, how can you know what they are telling you is the truth? In fact, according to the law, in the state of Arizona it is required that a gold buyer position the scale in such a way that you can clearly see the weight measurement.

6. Do they weigh your jewelry by karat type, or all together?

Different karats of gold and different purities of silver have different values. If your pieces are all of different purities, do they check them and weigh them separately? If not, they might be offering you a value based on the weight, but in the lowest purity, which can cost you a lot in the end. Find a gold buyer who will examine your items individually to determine the metal content or purity of each, and pay you a fair rate accordingly.

7. Will they give you their offer in writing?

Gold and silver prices change every day, and therefor an offer can often only be good for a single day. That said, giving an offer to you in writing shows that they are open about their pricing and that they are comfortable with you referencing their rates and comparing offers with other dealers.

  1. Hazel Owens09-13-18

    That’s good to know that a trustworthy gold buyer will evaluate your items in front of you and if they take it to the back you won’t know if what they’re telling you is true. My husband inherited gold from his great grandma so we’re trying to sell it so we can have money to remodel our bathroom. We’ll have to find a place that’ll evaluate it in front of us so we’ll know we’re getting an accurate price.

  2. Coin grading04-12-20

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